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Get information about discord servers from invite codes

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Invite Information

This command shows you information about (usualy) a server. You don't have to be in the server because the information is extracted from an invite code that you provide.

/inviteinfo invite

Example Command Usage

/inviteinfo invite: ps
/inviteinfo invite:
/inviteinfo invite:
/inviteinfo invite: hidden: true
/inviteinfo invite: {"code": "eYyRQDj", "guild": {"id": "361261015788290068", "name": "Infinite Prime Dev", "icon": "ada46c6bf1bb65e5f627dabf11c792fb", "features": [], "verification_level": 3, "nsfw_level": 0}, "channel": {"id": "362385641708847105", "name": "server_board", "type": 0}, "inviter": {"id": "150746437540511744", "username": "Otuoto", "avatar": "2755959b73b674782d5ba2c8668e58cc", "discriminator": "7393"}, "approximate_member_count": 1050, "approximate_presence_count": 139}

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Information you can get

  • Invite expiration date

  • Channel

  • Inviter

  • Member Counts

  • Guild

    • Guild Features
    • Welcome Screen
    • Vanity URL
    • Voice channel activity
    • Streaming user
    • Public stage instance (Disclaimer: The nitro badge may not show for speakers and the boost badge level shown will be the length the user has boosted in this server.)

  • Members (Group DMs)
  • Images
  • See if server is an official discord guild

User Information

/userinfo user

Example Command Usage

/userinfo user: @Antouto
/userinfo user: 316860714260234243 hidden: true

Image of userinfo command

Information you can get

  • Username
  • Discriminator
  • Mention
  • Avatar, Banner
  • Badges (Disclaimer: The nitro badge is only show if the bot is able to detect them & the boost badge is never shown)
  • See if the user is a bot / verified bot
  • Accent Colour

Widget Information

/widgetinfo guildid

Example Command Usage

/widgetinfo guildid: 878519213667516416
/widgetinfo guildid: 878519213667516416 hidden: true

Image of widgetinfo command

Information you can get

  • Voice and Stage Channels (Disclaimer: Channel Icons will always show as a voice channel)
  • Guild Invite
  • Widget Images