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Easy to use Discord mod bot with dashboard, mod tools, modlogs and auto mod to help protect your server!

Prefix m/
Library Discord.Net
Servers ???


Setup your server to get started and configure server options and features to moderate your server. Configure stuff like muted role, custom prefix, staff channel, anti-ads and auto mod settings.

Dashboard Preview

Test Dashboard

You can try out the dashboard before you invite the bot with temp settings and data to play around with and see what we have to offer.

Visit the demo page here https://mod.discordservices.net/server/123/home and login with your Discord account.


Customize the dashboard with per-user theme color and background image for each server with default backgrounds to choose from or use your own.

Theme Settings


Minotaur supports and uses Discords built-in timeout/mute feature for commands and modlogs even if you manually timeout someone. You can also update a users timeout time using the mute command if already muted.

Timeout Modlog

2FA Authorized

Minotaur is 2FA enabled for security, this also means you can use the bot in community servers to perform mod actions such as ban/kick. This is also required for Discord server discovery.


Give your server mods the tools to moderate your server with easy to use commands, message prune, tags system, message snipe, dehoist and channel lockdown if things get too heated or to stop a raid.

Mod Commands

Auto Mod

The bot will automatically kick/ban bad accounts such as spammers, fake bots and users with discord.gg/ in their name. It will also detect scam links and ip grabbers in your server which will kick users that spam it too much.



Setup a modlog channel to log mod actions or log channels for each event such as user join/leave and message delete/edit.


Slash Commands

  • /ban user | Optional reason
    Ban a user from the server.
    • user: Select a user
    • reason: Enter a reason
  • /dashboard
    Access the server dashboard.

  • /invite
    Invite Minotaur to your own server and protect it!

  • /kick user | Optional reason
    Kick a user from the server.
    • user: Select a user
    • reason: Enter a reason
  • /mute user time | Optional reason
    Mute a user from talking in the server.
    • user: Select a user
    • time: Time to mute the user
    • reason: Enter a reason
  • /unmute user | Optional reason
    Unmute a user.
    • user: Select a user
    • reason: Enter a reason
  • /user user
    Get user information.
    • user: Select a user
  • /warn user reason
    Warn a user.
    • user: Select a user
    • reason: Enter a reason