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Affiliate Magnet

A bot to keep your server clean from affiliate links, or replace links with your own affiliate

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Library discord.js
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Do you run a Discord community based on games or game development? Well, now you can generate some extra income from it using this bot!

It replaces any link from a supported website sent in the server with your affiliate.

Don't want it? You can even set it to "clean" or replace any affiliate link with a normal one to prevent people from posting affiliate links. Handy, isn't it?

How does it work?

The bot has 2 modes, Clear and Replace. You can see an example on the website's main page

If you set it to Clear

Clear basically "clears" or removes the affiliate code from any affiliate link. This is recommended for servers who don't want people benefitting by posting a lot of personal affiliate links.

For example, will be replaced by

If you set it to Replace

Replace, as the name says, will replace any link, affiliate or not, with the affiliate code.

For example, will be replaced by

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the bot need the "Manage messages" permission?

When a person sends a link in the server which is not suitable according to the set mode, the bot actually deletes the message and posts it with the link replaced with a suitable one. It thus needs the permission to be able to delete the message. Don't worry though, the bot will not delete anything else.

Will the bot work for "Website X" ?

Currently the bot only works for Unity Asset Store, Humble Bundle and Amazon links, but more will be supported in future.

Know a website that can be supported? Come, let me know in the support server!