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Simple Discord bot made to do stuff that you can't do.

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What is Wumplus?

Wumplus is a simple Discord bot designed to be an additional tool for users to unlock features normally not available to users, like voice channel activities, role-locked emojis and granular slowmode configuration.

How to start an activity

Type /activities <#VoiceChannel> to start an activity using Wumplus.

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Note: Activities don't work for mobile users.

How to lock an emoji

Type /lock :Emoji: @Role to lock an emoji for a certain role using Discord’s API. However, if you changed your mind and want to unlock the emoji, run the /unlock :Emoji: @Role command.

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How to set the slowmode

You can set the slowmode in a channel from 1 to 5 seconds which is not possible for normal users by using the /slowmode <#TextChannel> command.

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Note: Wumplus will need the Manage Channel permission to perform this action.

How to get a Discord game

We've listed 25 free games uploaded to the Discord library for you! Want to add a game to your Discord Library? Use the /games command and claim it.

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Need further help?

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