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A bot that gives ANY GIF for you within a second and makes things easy for you , supports 35+ languages and gives you the most relevant GIFS

Prefix egif
Library discord.js
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Privacy Policy egifpri
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Tired of getting to "GIF" section in message bar each time you need to send one !? We got a solution - EASYGIF bot . This bot can make it so easy for you . You don't need to head anywhere just use the prefix and say what kinda GIF you want , this bot has no limitations , it can fetch you literally any GIFs you need within a second , searches across the most engaging and relevant GIFs on the internet , supports 35+ languages, localized content and regional content appropriateness , rich features to ensure users find the most precise GIF quickly and also optimized to deliver GIFs that load and consume less bandwidth for every use case .