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Lishogi Statbot

Displays Lishogi player statistics.

Prefix !
Library discord.js
Servers 54
Shards 1
Privacy Policy !privacy


  1. Link your lishogi username with this bot to get customized commands!

Command List

    Sends a list of available commands
    Sets your lishogi username
    Returns your current lishogi username
    Deletes your lishogi username from the bot's database
!setgamemode [game mode]
    Sets your favorite game (or puzzle) mode
!profile [username]
    Displays your (or a user's) profile
!recent [rated/casual]
    Shares your most recent game
!playing [username]
    Shares your (or a user's) ongoing game
!arena [username]
    Find an upcoming or recent arena created by lishogi (or a user)
    Displays today's puzzle
!tv [game mode]
    Shares the featured game
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