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This bot is the only thing you need in your life! It is a multipurpose bot, with a lot of unique features.

Prefix $
Library Discord.Net
Servers 33
Privacy Policy $privacy
Owner D3FALT#7169

You will probably ask, “Why Do I need this bot in my life?”. The answer is really simple, it is the BEST BOT. Why because it has everything what do you need like:

  • Create timed voting
  • Send a message with free epic games and ping users when there is a new free game on epic
  • Show free games now on epic games store
  • Search the cheapest price for a game and also show information and metacritic score
  • Copy roles, and paste them in different server
  • Convert currency, it can convert every currency, even cryptocurrency
  • Games like rock paper scissors
  • And the most important it has trolling command, to do a little a tomfoolery
  • Basic moderation commands
  • Taking private notes and reading them at all times
  • Search an anime
  • And more