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Brilliant bot with useful features (welcoming, custom prefix, image manipulation) and more upcoming features in the future !

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This is violet, a charming bot with copacetic features like:

  • Custom Prefix!
    • You can change prefix everyone is going to use inside the server!
  • Configurable Welcome And Goodbye Settings!
    • You can setup the channels and messages to send when someone leaves/joins!
  • Fetch Anime Pictures!
    • You can also fetch anime pictures without the need to search for them!
  • Multiple Fun Commands!
    • You can view memes that are fetched from reddit!
    • You can measure how gay you or someone is!
    • You can make the bot send messages by itself or use webhooks to send it!
  • Moderation Commands!
    • You can moderate your server by muting/kicking/banning a person or clear messages in the channel!
    • You can also setup the logs channel to view important events happening in your server!
  • Image Manipulation!
    • You can also send twitter messages as your current account!
    • You can view cat/bird/dog images fetched from reddit!
  • And Many More!
  • More Features Soon!