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Profile Bot

Simple, profile bot for users to setup in your server!

Prefix p/ (case sensitive)
Library Other
Servers ???
Owner jaxon#6666

Profile Bot!

Profile Bot was created with the purpose to give server owners the option to allow their members to setup profiles. This bot is useful because, if you don’t know much or anything about a server member, you can just view their profile and find the basics!


✦How To Setup Your Profile!✦

1.≛ run p/setbio (your bio here)
2.≛ run p/setserver (your server link here)
3.≛ p/setpronouns (your pronouns here)
4.≛ p/setname (yournamehere)
5.≛ p/setimage (imagelinkhere)

Profile Commands!

p/profile (shows your profile)
p/userprofile @mention (shows another users profile)

Other Commands
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Discord: jaxon#6666