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A growing discord bot which provides a cool inter-server chat!

Library discord.js
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Owner dev-737#5931

ChatBot: The Discord Inter-Server Chat

About ChatBot

Written in discord.js, ChatBot is a bot where you can talk to different communities and servers in the comfort and safeness of your own.

How to use ChatBot:

ChatBot is extremely easy-to-use! Refer to the below section to learn how to set it up!

Setting ChatBot up:

  1. Pick a channel where you want to talk to the community We recommend that you create a channel which is exclusively for this because using it in the General chat will be a mess!

  2. Type in /setup channel to connect to the inter-server network

  3. Type in your desired message in the channel that you selected WITHOUT needing a prefix and/or command.

It should look like so:


this means that your message got through to other servers successfully!

  1. Talk with other people in other servers!

  2. Want to disconnect for sometime? Type in /setup view and click the disconnect button!

Have a problem?

Join the official ChatBot support server and tell the developers or use the /support report command to report to the developers!

List of Commands

You may get a list of commands by using the /help command. Help Command

Here's a few that you may like:

Command Description
setup Set up the chat network
help Know all commands the bot has
info Know the credits, description and other useful information.
stats Shows the bot statistics!
guide A fully documented wiki on how to use ChatBot!
support Commands that let you contact staff/developers.
And more...