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Sound Effect Bot

Sound Effect Bot is your personal simple and clean Voice Chat Soundboard!

Prefix S!
Library Other
Servers 77
Privacy Policy S!policy
Owner Bit-Dev#0001

Has this ever happened to you?

You're chilling in a voice chat with your friends, your pals, your amigos when someone makes a terrible joke!

Everyone falls silent...

Well with Sound Effect Bot, this will happen no more!


Well during the silence amigo number two plays a fart with reverb sound effect! Everyone starts cracking up and you all have a great rest of your day!

Add Sound Effect Bot to your server today and have some good times!

Warning: cracking up is not guaranteed! Sound Effect Bot will not be responsible if no one laughs!

Sound Effect bot has a wide range of sounds to pick from, from normal meme sound effects all the way to music sound effects!

Have you ever wanted to play DOOR STUCK in a voice channel with your friends? Well now you can! Sound Effect Bot has a massive variety of sound effects to pick from!

But what if I don't see the sound effect I want?

That's no problem, you can always suggest for a sound effect to be added, we will get to you as fast as we can!

What do you offer exactly?

Did I hear that right? What do we offer? We offer happiness, that is our goal!

Could you maybe tell us about some commands?

Of course! With pleasure!
If you're having trouble finding the right command or name of the sound effect you want to play, there is a simple command we made specially for you! Just punch S!help into your chat bar and hit enter on that boy and boom you get a list of all the sounds!

That's not all!

We've also added some slash commands, here are some of our slash commands:

The Music Slash Command:

This slash command will give you a list of all music sound effects you can choose from, an example is Curb your enthusiasm!

The Normal Slash Command:

This slash command will give you a list of all the normal sound effects you can use, an example is DOOR STUCK as mentioned earlier!

Sound Effect bot, your personal simple and clean Voice Chat Soundboard!