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Kazuto Bot

Kazuto is a multipurpose English bot for your server, it contains action commands, fun, moderation, music and tickets.

Prefix ?
Library discord.js
Servers ???

Kazuto is a multifunctional bot in English, currently has more than 60 commands in total, which work correctly, the bot was developed by three people with a good knowledge in JS. We are currently working on the moderation and economy category. You can customize your profile using the ?profile setdescription or ?profile country command, we are making a good effort with this category. To get the bot help list use ?commmands - ?help - ?halp - ?h

Website: https://kazuto-web.tk/ Support: https://discord.gg/Z6UYSQb3Xd Prefix=? (custom)

Configuration commands:

setcolordescription - setcircle - setconfessions - setimg - setprefix - setsuggest - setwelcome

Fun commands:

achievement - admin - affect - drake, einstein - gay, gd - howgay - license - menhera - mirror - petpet - pixel - quote - rip - sepia - sharpen - ship - simp - sonic - trash - triggered - trump - whatsapp - youtube

And More!.