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Multifunctional bot provided Dota 2 Utilities , Memes, NSFW , Anime , Booru + Sauce Finder and so much more

Prefix $!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner Sinxr#2626


Multifunctional bot focused DotA 2 Utilities also provided Meme,Fun,and so much more.

DotA 2:
Match analisys,Competitive scenes,Patch etc

Currently listed 54 animeme with split commands.

Fun and Shitpost:
Currently listed 30 split people or game categories

Search over 8 Boorus+ twitter illustrator, nhentai downloader, and i can fetch any pornstar/javstars images/gif

Animelyrics finder,Sauce finder,

$!help -- fullcommand list.


  • feature and commands will increase as the day goes by
  • Direct supports(no need join server support or anymore, you can suggest or even blame this bot just through $!blame command!,it immediatly trigger my mailbox asap)
  • currently commands: 120+


Command Description
$!help help command
$!dog Get match statistics
$!mmr Calculating yer mmr to LatestMedal
$!steamstatus Check game Coordinator and Services Status
$!patch Check latest Patch/GameplayUpdate
$!p Specific buff/nerf changes according Patch
$!leaderboard-sea LeaderBoards MMR, currently only SEA
$!upcoming Upcoming any Tiers tournaments


Command Description
$!gintama Fetch an Gintama memes
$!jojo Fetch an Gintama memes
$!naruto Fetch an Naruto memes
$!kny Demon slayer shitpost
$!snk Attack on titan shitpost
etc... /animemey.json

Fun and Shitpost

Command Description
$!gaming Fetch an Gaming memes
$!astro Fetch an Astronomy memes
$!math Fetch an Math memes
$!alchemist Fetch an chemistry memes
$!gov Political memes
etc... /shitpost.json


Command Description
$!konachan Search Konachan images
$!safe Search SafeBooru images
$!pixiv Fetch image through pixiv
$!danbo Search Danbooru images
$!rule Search rule34 images
$!tbib Fetch TBIBimages
$!twitter Fetch image through twitter(artist)
$!nhen nHentai Downloader (zip)
$!model Fetch pornstars images
$!jav Fetch pornstars(jav) images

<> = required, [] = optional