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MemeBot the best reddit bot for your server, great memes and more!

Prefix m!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy m!policy

MemeBot Commands:

m!about - This will some stuff about the bot.

m!botinfo - This will display the bot information.

m!config - Check the server settings.

m!changelogs - Check what we have updated.

m!contactdev - Contact Connor200024 if you need any support.

m!feedback - Send a feedback Like: m!feedback [Yes] (Without the [])

m!help - This will ofc display all the help commands.

m!links - This will display all the links.

m!ping - Check the bot's latency.

m!policy - Check what we store on the Database.

m!reportbug - Send a bug to Connor200024 Like: m!reportbug [Fix me] (Without the [])

m!stats - Check the current Statistics.

m!suggestion - Send a suggestion to Connor200024 Like: m!suggestion [Add this] (Without the [])

m!uptime - Check the current uptime.

Meme Commands:

m!dankmeme - This will load a DankMeme from my API.

m!meme - This will load a Meme from my API.

m!stonks - This will load a StonksMeme from my API.

NSFW Commands:

m!setup - This will add your guild to our Database for you to access the NSFW Commands.

m!nsfwmeme - This will ofc load a NSFWMeme.