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Zecrobuddy is a multipurpose bot. Has a card currency and a forest exploring game, some utility features, and moderation features.

Prefix zb:
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy zb:privacypolicy

General Info

Zecrobuddy is a multipurpose bot. Run zb:help to learn the commands, the prefix(zb:) may vary from server to server, as it can be changed. You can ping the bot to find the prefix. The bot is mostly known for its card currency and forest game, but it does have some utility features and some moderation features.


Card Game

The card currency game is a game where you try to get the most stars(or crowns or specials, there are 3 currency types) by buying cards, investing and collecting dailies.

  • A mall that allows you to convert between currencies, gamble, and deposit.
  • Hack and virus other people for stars, crowns or to break their cards. Not saying that you won't get caught or anything.
  • Giving currencies and gift cards.
  • Stats and leaderboards.
  • Achievements.

Exploring Game

Zecrobuddy also features an exploring game. In this game, you are in a forest where you can collect resources, trade with villagers, level up and explore.

  • Mining three possible depths in a cave.
  • Fishing and chopping down trees.
  • Contributing to level up.


  • Setting timers/alarms that DM you.
  • User/channel info commands to view info on a user/channel.
  • Custom commands and webhook management.


The bot also has some moderation features.

  • Purging.
  • Banning.
  • Kicking.
  • Nicknames.
  • Channel Slowmode.
  • Sniping deleted, edited and bulkdeleted messages(zb:bot ss You can opt-out in bot server settings).