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A multi-purpose bot for charting. TradingLite Heatmaps. TradingView crypto, stock & forex charts. Bionic Trader 3D Orderbooks. COVID19 Maps. Invite Vote

Prefix cyber!, cy!, c!, xy!, x!
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TradingLite Heatmaps

TradingView crypto, stock & forex charts

Bionic Trader 3D Orderbooks

Covid-19 commands

TradingLite Heatmaps

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*Special feature: Aggregate Heatmaps.

It can include default as well as custom indicators.

Volume studies, Volume Delta, Cumulative Volume Delta, Trades Counter Divergence Studies. Trading signals and alerts.

Charting platform used for Heatmaps: TradingLite [X-Ray Vision for the Crypto Markets]

[prefix] - cyber!, cy!, c!, xy!, x!

[function] - TradingLite Heatmap command heatmap, hmap, hm,

[function] - TradingView chart command TVchart, chart, tv, c

Cyber Command structure:

[prefix] [function] [exchange] [pair] [timeframe] [precision] [chart-only/+indicators]


cyber!heatmap Bitmex XBTUSD 15m HD or shorter x!hm b x 15 h

cyber!heatmap BITSTAMP ETHUSD 4h SD or shorter x!hm bs e 4h

these commands make Cyber load the full chart with indicators, it'll take a bit longer:

cyber!heatmap bitmex xbtusd 15m HD full or shorter x!hm b x 15 h +

cyber!heatmap BITSTAMP ETHUSD 4h SD full or shorter x!hm bs e 4h +

cyber!hm aggr b or cyber!hm aggr btc or cyber!hm aggr bitcoin for Aggregate Heatmap

cyber!vmap or x!vmap for Heatmap - Volume Clusters

short commands for Bitmex heatmaps:

1 minute heatmap - hm1m, h1

3 minutes heatmap - hm3m, h3

5 minutes heatmap - hm5m, h5

15 minutes heatmap - hm15m, h15

30 minutes heatmap - hm30m, h30

1 hour heatmap - hm1h, h1h

2 hours heatmap - hm2h, h2

4 hours heatmap - hm4h, h4

6 hours heatmap - hm6h, h6

8 hours heatmap - hm8h, h8

12 hours heatmap - hm12h, h12

Daily heatmap - hm1D, h1d

[exchange] - Bitfinex, Bitmex, Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Deribit depending on their priority, they can be as short as 1 character

[pair] - all pairs available, depending on their priority, they can be as short as 1 character

[timeframe] - 1m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h, 12h, 1D the minutes can be written as numbers

[precision] - empty or SD for Standard Definition or HD for High Definition [chart-only/+indicators] - only the heatmap or add +,f,full for full chart (including indicators)

use cyber heatmap platform for more info about the platform used for charting

You can fully control the TradingLite HEATMAP SENSITIVITY SLIDER with Cyber!


Sometimes you want to filter the heatmap data,

you can achieve that by using the sensitivity slider.

Left handle

└ you can filter out smaller orders from the heatmap

Right handle

└ you can see the orders better by making them stand out.

the commands require the addition of the following elements:

[ 1. sensitivity ] [ 2. left-Handle-Position-% ] [ 3. right-Handle-Position-% ]

example: [ s 20 70 ]

full command example: [ cyber!hm BITMEX XBTUSD 1h SD + s 20 70 ]

or shorter [ x!hm b x 1h + s 20 70 ]

other examples:

cyber!heatmap bitmex xbtusd 1h s 20 70

cyber!heatmap bitmex xbtusd 1h s 0 100

cyber!heatmap bitmex xbtusd 1h s 0 35

cyber!heatmap bitmex xbtusd 1h s 40 45

cyber!heatmap bitmex xbtusd 1h s 30 35

cyber help/cyber!help/cyber!h/cy!h/c!h/xy!h/x!h for a help message with useful commands

Cyber on Telegram

Cyber on Telegram:

Cyber on Twitter

Cyber on Twitter:

Bionic Trader 3D Orderbooks

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3D Orderbooks

3D Orderbooks

syntax: [prefix][function] [exchange] [pair]

example: cyber!3D_orderbook Binance btc-usdt or shorter x!3d bin btc-usdt

Exchanges and pairs available:


TradingView crypto, stock & forex charts

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TradingView charts (not limited to crypto):

Currently, the syntax [prefix] [function] [exchange] [pair] [timeframe] [indicator1] [indicator2] [indicator...] is required.

The default theme is Dark.

The [indicator] is optional, they get added to the chart only if present in the command.

They are added to the chart (from top to bottom) in the order they were inserted in the command (from left to right).

Example commands for TradingView charts:

cyber!chart Bitmex xbtusd 60 ROC mf RSI MA EMA vwma wma

cyber!chart oanda eurusd 240 MA EMA wMA RSI

x!c xbtusd 1D rsi ew

x!c xbtusd 4h rsi ew

Heatmap - Volume Clusters

Heatmap - Volume Clusters

The exchange names can be initiated with as short as 1 character.

Exchange examples, but not limited to:

Bitmex, Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex

Possible timeframes:

1min to 4h: 1, 3, 5, 15, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240 One Day: D One Week: W

TradingView Indicators (The list of all standard indicators and their acronyms):

[ACCD] ACCD - Accumulation/Distribution

[ADR] ADR - Average Daily Range


[ATR] ATR - Average True Range

[AO] AwesomeOscillator - Awesome Oscillator

[BB] BB - Bollinger Bands

[BBR] BollingerBandsR - Bollinger Bands %B

[BBW] BollingerBandsWidth - Bollinger Bands Width

[CMF] CMF - Chaikin Money Flow

[CO] ChaikinOscillator - Chaikin Oscillator

[CMO] chandeMO - Chande Momentum Oscillator

[CI] ChoppinessIndex - Choppiness Index

[CCI] CCI - Commodity Channel Index

[CRSI] CRSI - ConnorsRSI

[CC] CorrelationCoefficient - Correlation Coefficient

[DPO] DetrendedPriceOscillator - Detrended Price Oscillator

[DM] DM - Directional Movement

[DONCH] DONCH - Donchian Channels

[DEMA] DoubleEMA - Double EMA

[EOM] EaseOfMovement - Ease Of Movement

[EFI] EFI - Elder's Force Index

[EW] EW - Elliott Wave

[ENV] ENV - Envelope

[FT] FisherTransform - Fisher Transform

[HV] HV - Historical Volatility

[HMA] hullMA - Hull Moving Average

[IC] IchimokuCloud - Ichimoku Cloud

[KLTNR] KLTNR - Keltner Channels

[KST] KST - Know Sure Thing

[LR] LinearRegression - Linear Regression

[MACD] MACD - Moving Average Convergence Divergence

[MOM] MOM - Momentum

[MF] MF - Money Flow

[MP] MoonPhases - Moon Phases

[MA] MASimple - Simple Moving Average

[EMA] MAExp - Moving Average Exponentional

[WMA] MAWeighted - Moving Average Weighted

[OBV] OBV - On Balance Volume

[PSAR] PSAR - Parabolic SAR

[PPHL] PivotPointsHighLow - Pivot Points High Low

[PPS] PivotPointsStandard - Pivot Points Standard

[PO] PriceOsc - Price Oscillator

[PVT] PriceVolumeTrend - Price Volume Trend

[ROC] ROC - Rate Of Change

[RSI] RSI - Relative Strength Index

[VI] VigorIndex - Relative Vigor Index

[VOLI] VolatilityIndex - Relative Volatility Index

[SMIE] SMIErgodicIndicator - SMI Ergodic Indicator

[SMIEO] SMIErgodicOscillator - SMI Ergodic Oscillator

[STOCH] Stochastic - Stochastic

[SRSI] StochasticRSI - Stochastic RSI

[TEMA] TripleEMA - Triple EMA

[Trix] Trix - TRIX

[UO] UltimateOsc - Ultimate Oscillator

[VSTOP] VSTOP - Volatility Stop

[VOL] Volume - Volume

[VWAP] VWAP - Volume Weighted Average Price

[VWMA] MAVolumeWeighted - Volume Weighted Moving Average

[WR] WilliamR - Williams %R

[WA] WilliamsAlligator - Williams Alligator

[WF] WilliamsFractal - Williams Fractal

[ZZ] ZigZag - Zig Zag

Covid-19 commands

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Additional commands to stay informed with the recent COVID-19 pandemic statistics:

Italy - cmd cyber!italy

The Netherlands - cmd cyber!nederland

Germany - cmd cyber!germany

World - cmd cyber!wuhan