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Botty is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues, and ig a multiuse bot with game and utility commands. Botty is up 24/7 and always getting support!

Prefix b!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy b!privacy

Botty is a multipurpose bot that has been running 24/7 since 10/25/2018 with commands ranging from mod commands to mini game commands. Currently botty is sitting at 180 commands and is getting worked on whenever I have freetime. If you want a certain command added or edited come to the support server and give some feedback!

-Special Commands-
b!deleteplaylist {playlist URL/ID} -Removes playlist from backup rotation
b!findvideo {video URL/ID} -Checks if video is in video database and returns title
b!playlists -Shows you your playlists you've added to the backup rotation
b!saveplaylist -Adds playlist to backup rotation
These commands are for getting the title of a deleted video from a saved playlist

b!afk -Sets you away from keyboard
b!afkd -Turns on or off afk dm messages
b!afkmsg -Change default afk message
b!anime -Pulls up info on anime
b!avatar -Pulls up yours or a users avatar
b!battlelb -Shows player with the most wins
b!battlestats -Sends battle info
b!botinvite -Grabs a bot invite for any bot
b!bulbapedia {pokemon} -Searches the bulbapedia for pokemon
b!calc -Solves simple equations

b!addrole -Adds a role to a user
b!announce -Send a message to a channel
b!ban -Bans user of choice
b!ban-random -Bans a random user
b!createemoji -Creates emoji from image
b!delete-emoji -Deletes emoji of choice
b!kick -Kicks user of choice
b!nick -Nicknames a user, use "none" to remove nick
b!purge -Deletes amount of messages between 1-99
b!removerole -Remove a role from a user
b!setnsfw -Sets a channel to nsfw
b!unban {id} -Unbans user
b!unmute {user} -Unmutes user

b!8ball -Magic fate decider
b!advice -Sends random advice
b!age -Responds with how old someone born in a certain year is
b!birb -Sends pic of a birb
b!bunny -Sends pic of bunny
b!butt -Checks how good a users butt is
b!card -Sends a random card
b!chinesez -Responds with the Chinese Zodiac Sign for the given year
b!chucknorris -Sends random Chuck Norris fact
b!coinflip -Flips a coin and responds with heads or tails

-Mini Games-
b!balloonpop -Who will pop the balloon?
b!battle -Fight another player
b!blackjack -Basic black jack
b!captcha -Beep boop?
b!chance [#] -Attempt to win with a 1 in 1000 (or your choice) chance of winning
b!fishy -Maybe catch something?
b!googlefeud -Attempt to determine the top suggestions for a Google search
b!gunfight -Who can type the fastest in this showdown?
b!hangman -Prevent a man from being hanged by guessing a word as fast as you can
b!hg -A hunger games story that plays with the names you put it

b!baka -Call a user a baka
b!boop -Boop a user
b!cookie -Give a user a cookie
b!cry -Sends gif of crying
b!cuddle -Cuddle a user
b!feed -Feed a user
b!highfive -Highfive a user
b!hug -Hugs a user
b!kiss -Kiss a user
b!lick -Lick a user

- b!botinfo -Sends info about bot
b!downvote -Lets you downvote suggestions
b!fileinfo -Sends info about all the files in botty
b!invite -Sends invite link for the bot
b!ministats -Mini version of stats
b!ping -Ping pong
b!reportbug -Report bugs to staff!
b!suggest {suggsetion} -Gives us a suggestion on how to make the bot better!
b!suggestions -Shows all suggestions
b!supportserver -Invite to the support server
b!up -Shows how long bot has been up
b!upvote -Lets you upvote suggestions
b!stats -Pulls up bot stats