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Hello there, I am POMN.Discords best RPG Helper.Roll Dice, Dicepools, manage and organize your groups/sessions/campaigns and many more.

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POMN - The RPG Hero Discord Bot

The core strength of this bot is his vast capability of handling dice, whether you want just plain rolls like a 1d6, or special modifiers like exploding dice, re-rolling, min, max, …, up to group rolls, and many more. POMN also understands inline-rolls and automatically resolves them.

Are you the type that likes to create your own Game Worlds or have System specific custom rules for your setting?

Then POMN can assist you without the struggle of using external websites. Create your own custom wikis that provides your group with all they need to know about your Game World and setting.

Do you use VTT’s like Owlbear or play in the theater of mind?

An initiative tracker is also on board paired with the dice tray function. There is nothing more that you need to get your games going even without a VTT.

For the entertainment you can use the autoreplies function. If someone said a funny phrase or if you have frequently asked questions: POMN can respond to keywords/key-phrases to provide them with information, or have the group laugh again on a funny memorable moment.

There is more to explore and more to come...