TzeBot's Bild


TzeBot is a discord bot who has multi language support (Turkish and English), moderation and music commands, music channel and so on...

Präfix .
Bibliothek JDA
Server ???
Besitzer Tzesh#0101

How can I use it?

Just invite TzeBot to your server

First of all, you have to have manage server permission of the server that you want to invite TzeBot. Then, click on the invite button and select the server that you want to invite TzeBot, do not change the permissions of TzeBot if you want to use all of the features of it, that's it. Now you can use TzeBot in your discord server don't worry it's online 24/7.

Inviting TzeBot

When it came your server first time, it's prefix will be . and it's language will be English. You can change it's language and prefix if you want to, before that shall we just look at the commands of TzeBot? Type .help:

Help Command

As you can see, all of the commands are categorized, if you want to look at the all moderation commands and their explanations just type .help moderation:

Moderation Commands

If you want to look at music commands of TzeBot, just type .help music:

Music Commands

If you aim to use TzeBot as a music bot that you might have been noticed .channel command. You can use TzeBot as a normal music bot by writing each command .play, .skip, .volume... Or you can just setup your music channel to feel the difference and convenience of TzeBot. Type .channel create:

Music Commands

Then all you have to do is just go to the created music channel and type .channel set:

Music Commands

After you wrote .channel set into the music channel you will have been noticed that your message is deleted and 2 messages added into music channel. First one is banner of TzeBot, the other one is the reaction-control panel or at least the name that I put into it. It allows you to control music player with emotes. And all the functions of the emotes is above of themselves. You can just type name of the song or URL of the song that you want to play into channel.