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Over 70+ commands. It can protect the server from alts using captcha and a lot of moderation commands.

Präfix s!
Bibliothek discord.js
Server ???
Besitzer lâm#9417

Sime's Default Prefix is s!

Please add the prefix before any commands to run it. Like s!ban

🌀 Invite the bot

Your server need to meet these requirements to add Sime to your server

  • Bot Requirements:
    • Total Humans is more than Total Bots
    • Follow Discord ToS

Note: Sime will auto leave your server if your server doesn't meet the requirements

Click here to invite Sime

❓ Getting Started

Sime's Privacy Policy

Use s!help command to list all the categories.

Please use s!help to list all commands of that category

🔨 Moderation

Moderation commands with timed mutes, timed bans and lockdown the server if someone trying to raid your server.

Use s!help moderation to list all commands

🔑 Captcha

Protect the server from alts by verify using captcha

Use s!help captcha to list all commands

⚙️ Setup

Configurations the bot to the best for the server

Use s!help setup to list all commands

⌨️ Custom Commands

Make some custom command for your server

Use s!help custom commands to list all commands

📢 Reports

Reports a member who break server rules

Use s!help reports to list all commands


There are more categories : Ticket, Giveaway, Utilities, ModMail, Leveling,...

Invite Sime for the best moderation on your server now