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Hope YT28

This bot has almost everything you need! Moderation system, Ticket system & more!

Präfix h! Or custom prefix
Bibliothek Other
Server ???
Datenschutz-Bestimmungen h!policy
Besitzer 3STEB4N28#0001

This bot has everything you are looking for, Ticket system, Moderation commands, Suggestions system, And more. This is all you need, Hope YT28 has cool commands such as, warn a user, clear warnings of a user. This bot has a fully working & tested suggestions system, unique thing you need to do is set up the suggestions channel where all the suggestions will be sent to and that's it! For ticket system you just need to use 1 command, h!open to open a new ticket & h!close to close the ticket! We also offer you custom prefix that you can set up by typing h!setprefix , This bot also has a economy system which was tested so that it works perfectly! As this bot is made with BDFD it has some limitations, however new commands are added every 2 months or less. Please note that the bot may be in maintenance some times, however the bot will keep working as it should, just that maybe some commands may show error when you execute them, this will probably happen because I will be editing the command and some codes may be typed wrong! A premium version is coming soon so keep up to date in our support server!