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A bot just to have fun in your server. Contains covid19 live stats, meme, roast, google, reddit, riddle, animal pictures, roleplay, live iss location, translate, minecraft name history and more.

Präfix $
Bibliothek discord.js
Server ???
Datenschutz-Bestimmungen $privacy and $tos

Himal Bot Himal Bot Introduction

Himal is a multipurpose discord bot with various functionalites: Meme, Advice, Animal Facts, Pickup Lines, ChatBot, Covid Stats, Dictionary, Movie/Series Information, Reddit posts, Server Info, Weather, Image manipulation, Lyrics, PlayStore App information, Minecraft Name History, ISS Location, Translate and more. The default prefix is $ and default help command is $help. However, you can use arguments like all, and to get into more detail


Categories Description Commands Total Commands
🐶 Animals Animals related commands like animal pictures and animal facts bear, birb, cat, catfact, dog, dogfact, fox, goose, lizard 9
🤖 Bot All the basic bot related commands like help menu, prefixes and so on help, invite, patchnote, ping, prefix, privacy, suggest, support, tos, uptime vote 11
😂 Fun Commands to have fun in the server and pass some time when you are bored 8ball, chucknorris, coinflip, geekjoke, howgay, joke, lovecalculator, meme, riddle, roast, roll, rps, ship, size, trivia, yomama 16
📷 Image Some cool commands to manipulate images achievement, blueify, captcha, challenge, changemymind, clyde, crap, darken, didyoumean, drake, gay, glass, phcomment, phlogo, punch, purplify, rip, shoot, supreme, trash, tweet, wasted, ytcomment 23
👷‍♂️ Info Commands that are informational are available here covid, crypto, define, imdb, iplookup, lyrics, playstore, pokedex, serverinfo, userinfo, weather 12
📎 Misc All the miscellaneous commands which didn't fit inside other command categories advice, ascii, bored, chat, emojify, fact, fmyl, gif, lmgtfy, pickup, pikachu, poem, quote, tellmesomethingnice, why 16
🔧 Utils Commands that you don't need, but when you need, it is frustating avatar, calc, color, convert, decode, encode, google, namehistory, iplookup, purge, reddit, shorten, string, translate, wikipedia 14
🕵️‍♀️ Roleplay All those time passing actions that does nothing but makes you feel it does something cry, cuddle, dance, feed, happy, hug, kiss, namaste, pat, poke, slap, wink 12

Note: More commands will be added and some commands may get removed in the near future

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