Deepy's Bild


This is a discord bot that can show memes, get jokes, ban users, kick users, and More...

Präfix d!
Bibliothek discord.js
Server ???
Besitzer JZalaOz#0001


Bot Name: Deepy#2344 Creator: JZalaOz#2200 Prefix: d! Commands: 8ball: get a random yes or no answer ban: ban someone from the discord server clear: clear a channel coinflip: flip a coin emote: get a emote help: get a list of all the commands howgay: do the gay test on someone invite: invite me to your server joke: get a random joke kick: kick someone from the discord server kill: kill someone meme: get a random meme rps: play rock, paper, scissors with me say: make me say anything serverinfo: get info about a server