Dad Bot's Bild

Dad Bot

Dad Bot is a little Discord bot with no functionality besides simply being there just to entertain people with responses to certain phrases like "i'm hungry" with "Hi hungry, I'm Dad!"

Präfix '
Server ???
Besitzer apl dav#9000

This is my first bot made with reknohT#0139 and I plan to add onto it more once I learn Python better.

Dad’s commands Join if you require support

'help Shows all commands available for the bot

'ping Shows the current latency for Dad Bot

'invite Sends the discord bot invite link so you can invite Dad Bot to more servers

'vote Support Dad Bot by voting!

'pp Measures someone’s pp

'gay Measures how gay someone is

'8ball Its 8ball, everyone knows what it is

'toggleprank Disables the Hi cool, I'm Dad! responses (requires manage server permissions)

'togglewalter Disables the walter and I like fire trucks and moster trucks responses (requires manage server permissions)

'togglejoe Toggles the joe mama responses (requires manage server perms)

'toggleanticancer Toggles the module which deletes cancerous things like i- and oop- and responds with something toxic (requires manage server perms)

Feature requests? Join our Discord server and DM apl dav#9000

Bot admins Ownership of apl dav#9000 and reknohT#0139

Credits: Moksej#3335 for helping with the toggles and reknohT#0139 for building the backend of the bot