BitPizza's Bild


BitPizza is a multipurpose bot featuring fun, utility, moderation, and level system.

Präfix p!
Bibliothek Other
Server ???
Datenschutz-Bestimmungen p!privacy
Besitzer honk#9999

BitPizza features:

  • Fun comamands (cat, dog, hug, kiss, userstats, avatar)
  • Utility commands (poll, info server, info user)
  • Moderation (ban, kick, clear, configure bot)
  • Other commands (help, privacy, enable xp, disable xp, bot-info)
  • Level System

Features coming soon to BitPizza:

  • Warn System
  • Economy
  • Scheduled messages

Commands coming soon to BitPizza:

mute, unmute, meme, joke, dadjoke

We would love to hear your suggestions for the bot. Join our discord server and suggest your ideas in #suggestions!