Nekie's Bild


A Bot Made For All Purposes Be It Moderation, Fun, Images, Pranks or Troll... Nekie Is Equipped To Do Everything

Präfix !
Bibliothek discord.js
Server ???
Datenschutz-Bestimmungen !privacy
Besitzer Tostiffent#6969

!helpC for commands

Bot Can Create Webhooks Which Look Like Other Users For Pranking. Use !fake

Free Premium With Lots Of Unique Features Use !helpC premum To Know More

Bot Can Ping A Random Person In The Server !random

Lots Of Troll Ciommands With More Coming Soon

Our Bot Is Super Fun To Use And Will Help Keep Server Active Aswell

Unique Giveaway System with requirement parameters !helpC giveaway

Bot Can Handle Confessions Dm Or Server Based

Bot Has An Inbuilt Bump Reminder

Bot Has All The Required Moderation Commands

Bot Can Handle Suggestions

Bot Has The Useful Music Commands For Crystal Clear Music Quality. We Used A New And Latest Engine

We Used A New Image Tool For The Bot To Obtain New Types Of Image Generation Commands

Lots Of Fun Commands To Play With Friends