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A one man army bot full of too many features.

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Bibliothek discord.py
Server ???
Besitzer .Nixon#7999

Welcome To XE-ONE's DiscordBots Page

>help will show the help message or you can use mention feature @xe-one help or setup

For more info visit our website. Click here to visit our website

For setup of this bot you have to just scroll the bot's role to the top and you are good to go.

Note: For bot's day to day updates and bugs or offtimes you can setup it by @xe-one setup or >setup

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You can join support server too for fastest help and latest news about bot's status.

What does the bot do?

XE-ONE is a multipourpose bot with many features including(Utility, Moderation, Fun, Games, Translator, Giveaways, etc...)

Moderation Command Examples:

  • Kick/Ban/Soft Ban/
  • Mute/Unmute/Purge
  • Prefix

Utility Commands Examples:

  • Serverinfo/Userinfo/Avatar/Info(Bot)
  • Help/Invite

Fun Commands Examples:

  • Advice/Joke/Meme/8Ball
  • Poll/Password

Game Commands:

  • Rock Paper Scissors

For full commands reference kindly visit our website: Click here to visit our website