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a fun bot that focuses on keeping the members of your server entertained!

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a bot dedicated to bring fun to your server :)


  • fun (ofcourse)
  • music dont we all love some computer generated beats?
  • image manipulation spanks
  • anime (UWU)
  • animal pictures OOHHHH, SO CUTEE
  • memberinfo (creepy stalker...)


  • <> is optional and {} is mandatory


  • .play: plays a song / url
  • .skip: skips a song
  • .help: shows this
  • .join: make the bot join your voice channel
  • .queue: shows the current queue
  • .stop: clears queue and stops playing, doesnt leave voice channel
  • .disconnect || .dc: disconnects the bot from the channel
  • .seek: seeks the timestamp specified, ex {1:30} min:sec
  • .vol: volume between 0 and 40, ex : vol 40
  • .loop: loops the playing song


  • .fox: shows a picture of a fox
  • .dog: shows a picture of a dog
  • .cat: shows a picture of a cat


  • .meme: shows a meme
  • .joke: shows you a joke
  • .ppsize <@member>: ppsize of you or the member!
  • .memberinfo <@user> || .mi <@user>: shows the member info of the user
  • .tag < tagname >: shows the text the tag has been given by a member in the server
  • .settag < tagname > < sentence or word >: creates or overwrites a tag
  • .8ball { question }: answers your question
  • .invite: shows you an invite for the bot, in dm's ofcourse!


  • .an < optional type > shows you a anime picture of the kind you choose, or randomly generated
  • .ahelp: shows you all the types for anime


  • .toggle { command / category }: invite or anime or tags (both can be disabled at the same time)

that would be all. i will keep this page updated for if i add new features!