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Everything you need in one.

Präfix d!
Bibliothek discord.js
Server ???
Besitzer Galaxy#1254

What is Lexius?

Lexius is a Discord bot. With Moderation, info and util commands (more commands soon).

Get started!

You can invite the bot with this invite(https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=758690233687736362&permissions=8&scope=applications.commands%20bot), if you need support/help in any command you can join the support server(https://discord.gg/ZW8YY65). When the bot is in the server you can use d!help (for view the commands), d!commands (view commands) or mention the bot (@Lexius) for more info. PD: The bot has 10 commands for now, but soon it will have many more commands.´

Mini FAQ

[?] The bot is don't responding! Solution: 1.You can check the bot have the permissions for sending messages, embed links and the permission to view this channel. 2.The bot is offline, you can see in the channel #status of the support server.

[?] How do to change the bot prefix? Answer: Actually you cannot change the bot prefix. But in future versions you will be able to change the prefix to the bot.

[?] What is the function of softban? Answer: With this command the bot bans and at the moment unban the user. It also clears the message history for the last 7 days.

You have more questions? Join the support server! (https://discord.gg/ZW8YY65)