Coin's Bild


An economy bot all about immersion- all about Image based gameplay!

Präfix coin
Bibliothek discord.js
Server ???
Besitzer TheOnlyKirb#0345


This bot is currently in an early public beta, so if there are issues, it's to be expected!

Some Commands

  • profile
  • bal
  • bakery
  • bakery bake [item] [oven#]
  • bakery status
  • bakery collect
  • fish
  • search [location]
  • setdesc [line1] ++ [line2] ++ [line3]
  • setdesc clear
  • farm
  • farm plant [plant] [square#]
  • farm water
  • farm harvest
  • trade
  • help

There's a few more, but they aren't super polished yet!