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bump reminder

Bump reminder is a multi purpose disboard bump reminder, which will remind you for every bump and let you gain more bump then before.

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Besitzer Meister#9667

Bump reminder is the best Bot to remind you for coming bumps. With an uptime of 99% you will never miss any bump. A powerful bot which has many features like Bump remind, Moderation, Economy and Fun.

Bump reminder is constantly getting new features based on community suggestions!

Bump reminder has over 40 commands , which are very useful and for every need.

And the best thing bump reminder is completely free and does not require anything. And the Premium features are freemium.

Here is a list of the coolest functionality:

There are two remind options: -In a channel where just online mods will get pinged

  • or the last person which bumped, will get pinged -See how many time you bumped -Set your custom bump remind message

And there are so many commands: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/736288053148254332/751389741697597450/unknown.png?width=580&height=408

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