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Modtech is a simple, easy to use bot which includes features such as moderation, logging, giveaways and a support system.

Präfix - (customisable)
Server ???
Datenschutz-Bestimmungen -privacypolicy
Besitzer ———#7048
Mitarbeiter Marcus N#0001

Modtech is an easy-to-use Discord bot that is constantly under development, with new features added almost daily. With really handy tips and info, the bot will never leave you confused as it often tells you what to do upon error. Currently, Modtech can carry out Logging, Moderation, Support and Automod tasks, however reaction roles is coming very soon. Our community is always open to suggestions and reports, we listen to all of our bot users. If you have a suggestion for Modtech, don't hesitate to contact us! This can be done via the contactdev command, or by joining our Support Server.

-Jamie and Marcus