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Simplicity's Bild


Simplicity is yet another Discord bot that has lots of commands that are server, moderation and utility related.

Präfix s!
Bibliothek discord.js
Server ???
Besitzer Almeida#0001
Mitarbeiter Almeida#0001,&nbs

The bot is still in early development.



- clear <number>: Clears x messages from the same channel.


- addemoji <name> <link>: Creates an emoji on the server.

- serverinfo: Shows info about the server.

- servericon: Shows the server icon.


- avatar [mention/id/tag]: Shows the avatar of the user.

- emoji <emoji>: Shows the image of the emoji.

- userinfo [mention/id/tag]: Shows info about the user.


- botinfo: Shows info about the bot.

- help: Shows the useful info about the bot.

- ping: Shows the bot latency.

- prefix <prefix>: Sets the prefix on the server.