Fletcher's Bild


Fletcher is a message bot that aims to resolve common moderation tasks and create networks of servers.

Präfix ! (customize via prefix-replace)
Bibliothek discord.py
Server ???

Functionality at time of writing includes:

  • Teleports between channels, including across servers
  • One or two way synchronization between channels, including across servers
  • Spoiler codes for text (ROT13 [classic] and memfrob [wider character support and name obfuscation]) and images
  • Channel activity checks
  • User activity checks
  • Voice channel updates
  • Moderation reports (automated and manual)
  • Moderation role ping bypass
  • Moderation permissions elevation (similar to sudo)
  • Issue tracker integration
  • Management of new server members (role assignment, rules acknowledgement, auto role save and restore)
  • GitHub integration

And a few more fun modules:

  • Collective action coordination
  • Music relay
  • Math rendering
  • Random image posting (Google Photos)
  • ShindanMaker integration
  • RetroWave Image Generator