A full list of the bots in our database, in a random, unbiased order

craftxbot's Avatar

Music, Moderation and Utility bot for your discord server.

Welcomer's Avatar

Welcomer Verified Bot
Welcomer welcomes users to your server and many other utility fe…

Meme Machine's Avatar

Meme Machine
Meme Machine is a fast, multi-purpose Meme Bot for Discord!

Sparklybot ✨'s Avatar

Sparklybot ✨
A bot completely made for fun! With Fun, Moderation and Memes + …

Mike's Avatar

A customizable bot for your server with images, moderation, soci…

Galaxy's Avatar

Multipurpose bot with cool features to offer, invite me now to g…

Karu's Avatar

It is a bot with commands from utilities, role (hug, kiss...) an…

PokéWorld's Avatar

PokeWorld is the World's First Pokemon Text Based MUD/MMO for yo…

Aisaka Taiga's Avatar

Aisaka Taiga
A simple multipurpose bot with utility/fun/moderation and more.

SafetyAtLast™'s Avatar

SafetyAtLast is a discord bot focused around anti malware and mo…

Minecraft's Avatar

A Minecraft bot packed with features for players and server owne…

Unosial's Avatar

Unosial is a multifunctional bot with lots of features that will…