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A neko-focused bot that tries to provide fun (but also nekos of course) to your Discord


Prefix .
Library JDA
Servers 4433
Invites 17




This bot was made to use the nekos.life-API but now moved to its very own API.


Default Prefix: . (You can mention the bot to know the used prefix or change it with the prefix-command)

Permission is the permission you require in order to use the commands of that category.
<arguments> are required, [arguments] are optional and ... means you can use multiple arguments of the same type.


Permission: None

Cuddle<@user ...>Cuddles the mentioned user(s).
FakegitCreates a fake commit-message with help of whatthecommit
HoloGives an image of Holo from Spice and wolf.
Hug<@user ...>Hugs the mentioned user(s).
Kiss<@user ...>Kisses the mentioned user(s).
KitsuneShows a image of a kitsune (foxgirl)
Lick<@user ...>Licks the mentioned user(s).
NekoShows a image of a neko (catgirl).
[--gif]Shows a gif of a neko (catgirl).
Pat<@user ...>Pats the mentioned user(s).
Poke<@user ...>Pokes the mentioned user(s).
Ship<@user> [@user]Ships you (or another user) with someone.
Slap<@user ...>Slaps the mentioned user(s).
Tickle<@user ...>Tickles the mentioned user(s).


Permission: Manage Server

Prefixset <prefix>Sets the provided prefix for the Guild.
resetResets the prefix to the default one.
WelcomeShows the current welcome-settings.
bg set <background>Sets the background of the image.
bg resetResets the background to the default one (color_white)
channel set <#channel>Change the channel to the mentioned one.
channel resetResets the channel.
color set <color>Change the text color. Supported args are hex:rrggbb or rgb:r,g,b
color resetResets the text color.
icon set <image>Sets the icon of the image.
icon resetResets the icon.
msg set <msg>Changes the greeting message.
msg resetResets the greeting message to "Welcome {mention}!"


Permission: None

Emote<:emote:>Displays info about an emote.
[--search]The bot will try to find an emote in the last 100 messages.
GuildShows info about the guild.
HelpWill display all commands available.
[command]Shows info about the provided command.
InfoShows some info about the bot.
[--dm]Sends the info in DM.
InviteShows you some links.
[--dm]Sends you the links in DM.
PingChecks the ping. (Time the bot takes to edit the message, rest-API and websocket.)
Quote<messageID> [#channel]Quotes a message. It has to be in the same channel or the channel has to be mentioned.
StatsShows stats about the Bot. (Discords she's online, Text and VoiceChannels, etc.)
UserGives info about you.
[@user]Gives info about the mentioned user.


Permission: None
Extra: This command ONLY works in NSFW-labeled channels.

Fuck<@user>Sends a invite to a user to have sex with you. They can accept or deny the request.
LesbianReturns a gif of lesbians.
LewdShows a image of a lewd neko (catgirl).
[--gif]Shows a gif of a lewd neko (catgirl).
Yurifuck<@user>Similar like .fuck, but with females only >wO

Inviting the bot

The bot has two invite-links: A full invite and a basic invite.

Full invite

The link for the full invite gives *Purr* all permissions, to work properly and without any issues. The permissions include:

Basic invite

The basic invite will only give the most necessary permissions for *Purr* to work correctly. This permissions are:

Usefull Links