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Woof woof, Hi I am Shiba, I am a cool dog that can do lots of fun things!


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# Shiba

Shiba is a fun and interactive bot with lots of cool stuff like battles and points and weapons and a shop and mining.

How does the Economy work?

How the economy works is that if let's say you have 100 shibe coins, that will count as 1 doge coin, the currency the bot is measured in is Shibe Coins or Doge coins. That is how the economy works.

What are the commands?

Here are the commands (also including categories) and their descriptions;

General Commands

s!helpGives you a list of the commands including categories!s!commands
s!inviteGives you the invite of the bot!s!invitebot, s!invbot, s!botinv, s!botinvite
s!serverGives you the invite of the bot support server!s!inviteserv, s!inviteserver
s!rankGives you what level you are on the server/bot!s!level
s!accountGives you the stats of your accountN/A
s!leaderboardGives you the leaderboard of who has the highest level on the server!N/A
s!globalleaderboardGives you the global leaderboard of who has the highest level on the bot!s!gleaderboard, s!glb, s!globallb, s!globalrank

Economy Commands

s!dailyGives you free doge coins per day! (Gives 1.5 doge coins/150 shibe coins)N/A
s!balanceGives you how much shibe coins/doge coins you have!N/A
s!richestleaderboardGives you the leaderboard of who has the most money on the bot!s!rleaderboard, s!rlb, s!richestlb, s!richestrank, s!richleaderboard
s!buyBuy things from the shop!N/A
s!mineDepending on what type of pickaxe you have, you can mine shibe coins or doge coins here!N/A
s!shopGives you a list of what you can buy from the shop!N/A
s!gamblePass your money down and if you get lucky enough, you can get a lot more money!N/A
s!passmoneyGive money to someone with this command!N/A

Battle Commands

s!battleBattle someone with this command!
s!hplbGives you a leaderboard of who has the most Honor Points on the bot!s!hpl, s!honorplb, s!honorpointsrank, s!honorpointsleaderboard, s!hpleaderboard, s!honorpointslb
s!equipEquip a weapon for s!battle!N/A
s!inventoryShows your inventory of what pickaxes/weapons you have!N/A
s!shopGives you a list of what you can buy from the shop!N/A

What features are embeded in Shiba?

Features in Shiba include things such as;