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This bot was made for fun, moderation, and more-more!


Prefix y!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Invites 10


Welcome to the Yuki's bot page!

Main Features:

NSFW, Moderation, and and more memes to you.




Command NameCommand ArgsCommand DescriptionCommand Permission
pingGets the response time of the bot
fnstats[platform pc/psn/xbl] {mode all/season}Gets some informations about that users.everyone
helpGets help for all commands, or for a specific command if provided
botinfoAny bot informations about the author, and the bot libary.
serverinfoShows information about that discord server.
roleinfoShows the role information, like the color of the role.everyone
animeGets some informations about anime series.
illegalUntil now that word, is illegal.
hentaiShows some generated some hentai images.
trapShows some generated some trap images.
4kShows some generated some real images.
lewdShows some generated some lewd images.
analShows some generated some anal images.
report@Mention ReasonReports user with a reason!
nekoShows some cute nekos! :3everyone
achievementCustom Achievements, because why not?
slap<@Mention>Slaps a user.
pat<@Mention>Pats a user.
kiss<@Mention>Kisses a user.
hug<@Mention>Hugs a user.
poke<@Mention>Pokes a user.
ban@Mention ReasonBans user with a reason!BAN_MEMBERS
kick@Mention ReasonKicks user with a reason!KICK_MEMBERS
tempmute@Mention ReasonTempmutes user with a reason!MANAGE_MESSAGES
unmute@Mention ReasonUnmutes user with a reason!MANAGE_GUILD
mute@Mention ReasonMutes user with a reason!MANAGE_GUILD
warn@Mention ReasonWarns the user with a single reason.MANAGE_GUILD