Hey guys! DEL v5.1 came out 2 weeks ago, but our blog was unfortunately down until now, so here's the article!

  • Old bots can now set a different Client ID, if they have one!
    (Newer bots have the same client ID and bot user ID)
  • We have blocked discordapp.com urls. Please switch to the new domain, discord.com.
  • We've added bot page theming support! You can now set a custom banner image and accent color to customize your bot page.
  • You can now set a Privacy Policy URL for your bot. This is currently optional but will be required starting on August 18 due to Discord's new developer ToS.
  • You can now sync bots, servers, and templates, to fetch the latest data from Discord.
  • Offline bots are now hidden from the DEL homepage.
  • Added 🇪🇸 Spanish support to the site!