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Happy New Year from the DEL staff team! While 2020 was a pretty bad year in general, it was great for DEL: we released our v5 update and grew a lot! Our site currently has 1001 bots, 487 servers, 162 templates, and 7636 users. We hope 2021 will be even better, and to celebrate the beginning of the year, we're releasing v5.4 with new site features!

Slash Command Support

This was actually released last week in v5.3.15

Discord has released Slash Commands (currently in open beta), and we quickly added support to DEL! Now, when submitting a bot, you must choose the scopes required for your bot to function (bot account and slash commands). When the slash commands scope is enabled, it shows as a tag on the bot's page, and you can see all bots on DEL with Slash Commands here.

New Infrastructure

In the last weeks of 2020, DEL unfortunately had some stability issues. We determined that we were using up the resources of the VPSes that DEL was hosted on, and we moved our infrastructure to dedicated servers. Now, DEL runs smoothly.


Automatically syncing servers and templates on DEL had been planned for a while, and we have now added it! Because DEL runs on multiple nodes, we didn't want to do a simple interval because that would pointlessly run on each node. Instead, we used the new Cloudflare Workers Cron Triggers to automatically trigger requests to new endpoints for auto-syncing. Items are synced in order according to their ID. We wanted to use Workers KV, which now has a free tier to store the next IDs to sync, but its free tier only has 1000 writes per day, so we store them in Redis instead. We have the workers timed so each server and template gets synced every day, and each bot gets synced every week. (Bots which are in the DEL server get auto-updated by gateway events so auto-syncing isn't as important for them.)

When DEL fails to auto-sync an item, it will send a message notifying the mods, so they can quickly check and remove it if it has been deleted or is a server with an invalid invite.

Server Member Counts

With auto-syncing, we can now give accurate server member counts! After initially loading the page with our saved counts, we also try to load the current counts from Discord in your browser, so they aren't outdated at all.

Checks while filling out submit form

While filling out submit forms, we now check if the item has already been submitted as soon as you enter the ID/invite, without needing to click Submit. This should help avoid users trying to re-submit denied bots with the submit form instead of the resubmit button.

For servers and templates, we also display the server/template name below the input, and try to prefill the description. For server descriptions, we prefill the Discovery description if there is one, otherwise if there is a welcome screen description we use that.

Bot hiding and archiving

When a bot is removed or denied by staff, instead of being fully deleted from the site, it goes into an Archived state where the bot is inaccessible but saved and can be resubmitted by the bot owner. Now, the bot owner can archive their bot themselves, to remove their bot from the site when they might want to resubmit it in the future.

We have also added bot hiding: bot devs and DEL mods can now hide a bot, which keeps the bot's page accessible from its URL but prevents it from being shown in list pages until it is unhidden. When a bot owner hides their bot, they can unhide it, but if a DEL mod hides a bot, a mod must unhide it.

The new hide and archive options are shown in the bot deletion modal:

That's it for v5.4! We have many other future features planned, and you can request features and report bugs on GitHub issues. Thanks for using DEL and helping it grow throughout 2020; let's make 2021 a better year.