Kia ora - Hello! This post is a part of Discord Extreme List's mission to be more transparent with its users. We will be posting statistics for each quarter in the year, starting today with bot handling statistics for the previous quarter (October, November, December - 2020).

Firstly, below is a comparison of how many bot decline and bot approve actions there were.

This graph shows that a large portion of bot submissions do end up being declined, with only a mere 28.27% of submissions being accepted. Statistically, this results in every submission having a 3 and a half chance out of 10 at being accepted.

Moving onto the reasons as to why bots are declined, an overwhelming percentage of bots are declined for not meeting ours/Discord's privacy policy requirements.

This trend doesn't carry out into removals though, where there is a lot more diversity in terms of reasonings, with both "Can't Contact Owner" and "Error Whilst Inviting", being tied as the two main reasons at 23.81%.

Then, further moving onto un-approvals, most un-approvals are done for a miscellaneous reason, with the "Invalid Privacy Policy" reason being the second-most used reason, as reflected in the graph below.

If you would like to further delve into the raw Excel spreadsheet data, you can view and download it here:

Q4 2020 Bot Audit Log Statistics.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Workbook